On the path of AI,
who is driving?

By Jorge Linares, Chief Revenue Officer of Nubiral

Since we are born and have the opportunity to experience life, we are continually learning; first, from our closest environment with the family and then with the rest of the community that surrounds us, until we realize that we are social beings and that our ideas and actions can transcend geographical borders.

Without a doubt, the use of the Internet and social networks has allowed us to express ourselves more freely and share our ideas and knowledge in a more open way.

Today we are witnessing the beginning of the widespread use of Artificial Intelligence (A), a tool that has evolved in such a way that it will allow human beings to process and analyze a greater volume of information, with the aim of improving the of decisions.

Thus, as happened at the time with the invention and use of the steam engine or the discovery and application of electrical energy, AI will impact the way we develop as a society and will be a new turning point that, without a doubt, It will influence different aspects of our daily lives.

But how positive is it that Artificial Intelligence or its application such as ChatGPT comes into our lives? Its impact will be equivalent to when motor vehicles were introduced and we stopped using animal traction. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to improve the work capacity and quality of life of many people, but this will depend on the knowledge of AI as a tool and the understanding of the needs of the organizations where it is used.

When processes were automated in the past thanks to computer tools, many people had the opportunity to occupy more relevant positions, companies achieved more efficiency in their operations and with it, products and services reached places where it was not possible before.

The greatest challenge we have before the imminent arrival of Artificial Intelligence and its applications is understanding the potential it has as a tool, but also the prevailing need to strengthen people's skills and training, since it is not about assigning them qualifiers to technology as good or bad, or whether or not it is appropriate to have a conversation with ChatGPT, but about how we can use these capabilities to improve our decision making and thus contribute to improving our quality of life and those around us. .

If Artificial Intelligence - as a tool - were compared to a vehicle, who drives it? Who determines the direction? The fact that a vehicle has the ability to make mobility more efficient does not mean that we stop walking.

At Nubiral we are technological enablers with the knowledge, experience and vision to help organizations identify their technological needs, based on understanding their business needs.

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